Local Farmers and Hobbyists

Here are some local farms/hobbyists we are proud to share information with. 

Local Small Farms

Take a look at a local farms in our surrounding area and see what they have to offer. Support and buy local

Local Hobbyists

See what our local hobbyists have to offer. From fresh flowers, to wild carpenters.

Buy Local

We believe in supporting our community. See what they have to offer. 

Free-range duck and goose eggs. $7 a dozen duck eggs, $15 a dozen goose eggs. Offer farm pick-up or delivery of $5 within 30 miles 

16831 S Carus Rd, Beavercreek, OR 97004https://linktr.ee/Chaseneggs503-713-7716moc.liamg%40sggenesahc

Christmas tree farm in Clackamas County

37151 SE Kemp Rd, Estacada, OR 97023Tara Nash503-512-0851

Offer farm bookings, raw cow milk, butter, eggs, fresh yogurt, chicken eggs, bath soaps and bath bombs galore! Even have honey and bees wax candles, chapstick.

49550 SE Coalman Rd, Sandy, OR 97055

U-pick blueberry and raspberry farm

2315 SE Christensen Rd, Corbett, OR 97019740-817-4874moc.smrafarat%40ofnihttps://www.tarafarms.com

Fire wood, goat meat, produce in the summer

11010 SE Camp Howard Rd, Corbett, OR 97019

Cattle Rancher (selling in the fall)

25015 SE Hoffmeister Rd.Damascus, OR 97089503-380-2842

Chickens of all ages, U-pick hatching eggs (18 eggs $20), Duck eggs $6/dozen, Chicken eggs $4/dozen, Seasonal produce/herbs

41152 SE Coalman Rd., Sandy, OR 97055971-533-5980

Equine rescue and sanctuary that produces high quality weed free garden compost with our oxygen assisted composting system

34950 SE Colorado Rd., Sandy, OR 97055503-341-1102moc.liamg%40hsiwsbez

Various fruits (lots of them), funny farm with donkeys and goats

59340 E Hwy 26, Sandy, OR 97055moc.liamg%405.53rekramelim

Specializing in Persimmons, Chestnuts, Chestnut flour, and Goji berries

Damascus, OR Adam503-929-3419

Breed Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, farm produce and flowers

11173 SE Bluff Rd., Sandy, OR 97055503-780-1254www.monkeyhillfarm.com

Homemade salsa on Saturdays. Call or text orders

14890 S Springwater Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045Morales Family503-209-2386

Produce and chicken/duck eggs

30661 SE Judd Rd., Eagle Creek, OR 97022503-516-1821www.bristlyrosefarm.com

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