U-pick blueberry season is officially closed. Thank you all for making the season a great success!

U-Pick Blueberry Farm

Family Owned, Family Operated

About Our Farm

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History of the farm

1988 - The beginning. First 2 lower acres were planted.1990 - Upper 3 acres added.1992 - Hand picking began. Picked for cannery until 19941994 - Machine picked until the berries got too tall.1995 - Started U-Pick on minimal rows.1998 - Opened field to public. 

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Our blueberries

Over the decades we have tried several things from fresh pick to cannery but u-picking and the people... we love the most. We take a lot of pride in a clean and organized experience, encouraging an outing for your whole family. Our berries are not only sweet, juicy and can get up to the size of quarters. They are not only great for eating by the handful, but enjoying in your morning cereal, yogurt or smoothie. We are not an organic farm as we do use herbicides before the buds come on but we do not use pesticides. Rather for those pesky critters we choose to use organic methods of taking care of them. Offering you a healthier berry.

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U-Pick Information

We provide around the waist picking cans to be worn to assist with hands free picking. Weighing buckets have food grade liners and can be taken with you. Scales are set to our buckets so we do ask that you leave your buckets in the car.  Depending on how many pounds you want to pick or how much you want to spend, a full bucket can range from 30-35 dollars for 20-23 pounds. Currently we only accept cash and check.  

Meet Our Farmers


Jessica Price

Farm Owner 

Jessica was born and raised on the farm but has only recently helped take over the farm as her father became too ill to manage. 


Nick Sackman

Farm Owner

Nick was once a west sider, born and raised in the city. His dying need to keep everything organized and clean has made a tremendous difference to the operation of the farm. Not only does he have a green thumb but he can nearly fix anything. He is the guy you want to have around!

Judy Ebert

Farm Owner

One of the original owners and one of the many reasons people keep coming back every year, has lived on the farm for 41 years. She has devoted blood, sweat and tears to each plant and the soil that feeds them. Her expertise is highly valued. 

Helpful U-Pick Information

● Please do not bring your own picking containers into the field. We ask that you leave them in your car as we do provide you around the waist picking cans.  ● Our scales are set to our buckets and we provide food grade liners for ease of transition back to your containers. ● Due to county requirement, prepare to bring a mask to wear around other people but it is not required while you are out picking.

Contact Us

If you are planning on visiting us it's advisable to check our website for hours of Operation before traveling. 


9751 SE Telford Rd., Boring, OR 97009located shortly off of Hwy 26 and 267th or from Hwy 212 and 272nd.


opening day - Saturday, July 18th, 7am to 7pm. After that we are open Wednesday thru Saturday 7am to 7pm


(503) 704-4750 moc.liamg%40njseulbnogero

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