Opening Day Set

Opening Day Set

We have finally set an opening date of Saturday, July 18th.  This year the weather has not been so kind as to show us much sun which has resulted in the season opening a little later than normal.  The berries are a beautiful size, but desperately needing the sun for sweetness.  Still great for cooking or milkshakes but we all know and love the true pop in your mouth sweetness they can get to with a bit more of the vitamin D. 

Due to the COVID-19 and the regulations set forth for businesses in Clackamas County, please expect the following for opening day:

* All customers should bring a mask to wear around the public.  This is a county requirement for all ages.  The masks are not required to wear out in the field while you pick.  Heat plus mask is not a good thing so we will not be enforcing it while you pick.  Please think of other families as you are out in the field and try to avoid crowding and still maintain the 6 feet distance at all times.

* There will be no shade tent with chairs and no kids play area this year.  I know!  Not what you wanted to hear and we are greatly sorry but for sanitation reasons and to try to avoid gatherings of other people, we have been advised to not allow congregation of people. We have always been a farm that welcomed the socialization of other families and the playing area for the kids to enjoy.  This year we have to follow the guidelines provided. 

* Please expect to still maintain the 6 feet social distancing expected anywhere public.  Even though you are outside, this still has to be maintained.  We are separating the weighing lines this year so expect to see one on each side of the weighing area.  This is to help keep the distancing and safety of all our customers. 

* Weighing buckets will still have the food grade plastic liners and all handles will be cleaned before use.  Picking buckets will be cleaned prior to distribution as well. 

* This year due we are going to offer fresh pick orders via our website.  Due to staffing, we are only allowing small orders of no more than 40 pounds at this time.  Please do not call for any orders!  Orders can only be placed via the website as we are handling them first come, first serve.  This is a limited time offer this year as we are trying to assist those that may not be able to come out due to health or safety reasons. 

We will continue to post any new updates as we get closer to opening day.  Thank you all for the continued support we have received from you throughout the years.  Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces.  

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