As the season goes on, we would like to warn you that bees tend to start making their appearance from the sweet smell of the fallen berries. Honey bees are not aggressive as long as you don't try to harm them.  They usually leave you alone.  Yellow jackets however are not so friendly.  If you start swatting they will follow you.  Please remember the following tips when visiting fruit farms in the summer:

*  Avoid wearing bright colored clothing

*  Avoid wearing floral perfumes

*  When you spot a bee, remain calm and avoid the area they are at.  Slowly back away and move away until the bee is gone. 

*  If you do squash a yellow jacket they actually release a pheromone that will signal other yellow jackets to attack so slowly move away from the area and don't return

We always want you to be safe when entering and picking with us but these are great tips to remember whenever you are outside.  Thank you all and please stay safe and healthy!!

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